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Leap to the Future

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Skills Leap Australia is a leading organisation in providing eLearning and digital transformation solutions for now and the future! We use exponential thinking and disruptive technologies to tackle your challenges and build fit-for-purpose solutions. 

Over the next few years, we will encounter some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face. Disruption in EdTech is already affecting our lives. Are you ready to accelerate?

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Sharaf Goussous
ChatGPT: Its Impact on Education and Content Learning Development
As the field of education continues to evolve, new technologies are playing vital roles in shaping the way we learn and teach. One such technology that has been making a big impact in the field of content learning management system is ChatGPT.
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Our Services

Our focus is on helping governments, training organisations and enterprises to develop high-quality and interactive eLearning content, state-of-the-art Learning Management Systems (LMS), Canvas LMS consulting, Moodle LMS customisation, and education solutions using our agile processes, disruptive thinking and our highly experienced people. 

Content Development 
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We are experts in developing eLearning content customised for our clients and compatible with any LMS, desktop, mobile and tablet. We will make content interactive, engaging and high-quality using the most advanced authoring tools, multimedia and through LMS customisation.
AI-Powered GPT Education Apps
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AI-powered education applications underpinned by the leading-edge technology of OpenAI's GPT. Our innovative solutions transform the learning process, enabling personalised, interactive, and adaptive learning experiences that extend beyond traditional boundaries.
Canvas Design Templates
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Responsive Canvas design templates for your courses include the home page and other features required for the course pages such as video frame, accordion, tabs, interactive buttons and more as required.
Canvas LTI Solutions
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We offer custom Canvas LTI app development based on the client's needs. We can deliver the best fit solution, enhance existing Canvas features, or add new functionalities to your Canvas, helping you to integrate your existing processes and platforms with Canvas or develop new Canvas apps.
Moodle LMS Customisation
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Whether you have content on the Moodle platform that needs some sprucing up or want to go digital with your existing offline content, we are ready and standing by to offer our services. Our experienced team will be happy to help you make the transition to a polished and user-friendly platform.
Learning Management System
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Learning Management System
Customisable LMS, innovative, user-friendly, cloud-based, all in one SaaS for delivering blended learning using web, mobile and tablet devices.
It provides access to the most updated education content, boosts productivity and improves student performance and engagement.
Explainer Animation Videos
At Skills Leap Australia, we specialise in creating engaging Explainer Animation Videos that transform complex ideas into simple, visually captivating learning experiences. Tailored for clarity and impact, our animations are designed to enhance understanding and retention, making them perfect for a diverse range of educational needs.
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We worked with

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Our Partners

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