About us

If the teacher can’t geek and the geek can’t teach, we have the solution!

Skills Leap Australia is an education technology and digital transformation service provider that focuses on transforming traditional education into a digital, intelligent, animated, and interactive experience. We strive to create an engaging and social digital learning environment by creating an ethical practice and using the appropriate technological tools.


Our journey started when we noticed that the quality of eLearning was still failing to meet student and institution expectations. As much as technology is useful, we focus on the learner experience, using EdTech to enable learners to take control and find what they need quickly. Learners should be able to navigate the course intuitively through a course design that implements a sound user experience.

We aim to democratise education through equalised standards, enable access to all, and enhance the learning process through technology. 


To design, develop, and deliver disruptive and innovative education solutions that help individuals and institutions embrace the exponential advancement in EdTech, and to solve community obstacles through skills recognition. 

Our vision is to build a learning ecosystem for the twenty-first century which is accessible to everyone through technology and skills recognition.  

Our team are eLearning gurus, trainers & assessors, and educational technologists who believe in lifelong learning. Since 2012, our consultants have been part of the development of the Australian Training Packages endorsed by the Australian government. This has helped us focus on education not only from a technological standpoint but also from the course quality and instructional design process.