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About Us

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If the teacher can’t geek and the geek can’t teach, we have the solution!

Skills Leap Australia is an education technology and digital transformation service provider that focuses on transforming traditional education into a digital, intelligent, animated, and interactive experience. We strive to create an engaging and social digital learning environment by creating an ethical practice and using the appropriate technological tools.

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Our journey started when we noticed that the quality of eLearning was still failing to meet student and institution expectations. As much as technology is useful, we focus on the learner experience, using EdTech to enable learners to take control and find what they need quickly. Learners should be able to navigate the course intuitively through a course design that implements a sound user experience.

We aim to democratise education through equalised standards, enable access to all, and enhance the learning process through technology. 

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To design, develop, and deliver disruptive and innovative education solutions that help governments and institutions embrace the exponential advancement in EdTech, and solve community obstacles through skills recognition. 


Our vision is to build a learning ecosystem for the twenty-first century which is accessible to everyone through technology and skills recognition.  

Meet the team

Our team are eLearning gurus, developers, and educational technologists who believe in lifelong learning. We have helped many organisations and government bodies adapt to the exponential growth in online learning and empower them to improve the way they deliver training.  

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Sharaf Goussous

CEO and Founder


Dana Samaan

Financial and Corporate Services Manager

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Joshua Amsler

Lead Frontend Web Developer

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Sam Santosh

Lead Backend Developer


Ben Pell

Senior Multimedia Designer

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Peter Gostelow

Education Consultant

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Deb Carr

Learning Design Advisor

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Michael Gwyther

Instructional Designer

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Bo Neskovic

Instructional Designer

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Fazlur Khan

Education Technologist


Syed Toheed

Education Technologist

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Mohsen Maysami

Learning Experience and Graphic Designer

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MC Abarquez

Digital Learning Designer

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Shaira Mae

Digital Learning Designer

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Mindy Cipres

Digital Learning Designer


Chum Ocenar

Digital Learning Designer

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Ken Marcelo

Digital Learning Designer


Yasmin Hirai

Digital Learning Designer

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SJ Sharma

Growth Advisor

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