eLearning Content Development

Our team has a range of skills and experience to provide your bespoke adult learning solution.

We adapt adult learning principles for online delivery. We leverage our expertise in instructional design, graphic design, and education technology to provide learning solutions that are interactive, meaningful, and engaging.  Our animation experts add another layer of interactivity.

Our focus is the end user – the learner!

How we help you

  • We convert your materials into eLearning courses for improved learner experience. Our learning specialists analyse opportunities for course improvements as part of the conversion service.

  • ​We help clients migrate their digital training materials into Canvas LMS. As an official partner, we are able to customise functionality and branding into Canvas to best suit your learning programs.  

  • We build learning and assessment resources from scratch taking a consultative and agile approach so that your staff are enabled to optimise your eLearning investment. 

  • We help you navigate your initial eLearning investment. With the plethora of choices, it is easy to adopt digital solutions that may not be suited to your needs.

Our Work


Our Approach

Initial Conversation

We spend time with you to determine your needs and program objectives. We apply the ADDIE (Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate) design model whereby Analysis is foundational for quality learning outcomes.

A critical question we explore at this stage, along with Who, What, and How is: WHY – WHY do you think eLearning is a solution for you? 

Content Review

A review of existing content and feedback helps us determine any instructional gaps. This stage also reveals eLearning design opportunities for improved learner experience and learning outcomes.

Content Design

We work with you to map out the process of how learners will achieve the desired learning objectives. What eLearning strategies will be used? We look to optimise your Learning Management System and resource limitations. The deliverable for this stage is your Learning Strategy.  

Content and LMS Development

Working closely with you, our full team gets to work creating and curating learning and assessment material.  Our instructional designers, graphic designers and education technologists develop content and embed it into your Learning Management System using the most advanced tools in the market such as H5P and animation software.

Final Review and Testing 

We do not leave you there! We conduct review and testing to make sure the content is fit for purpose and integrated properly within the LMS... Then you are good to go! 

eLearning content development