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Canvas LTI Solutions

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We offer custom Canvas LTI app development based on the client's needs. We can deliver the best fit solution, enhance existing Canvas features, or add new functionalities to your Canvas, helping you to integrate your existing processes and platforms with Canvas or develop new Canvas apps.      

How do we do this ?

We are experts in building custom LTI apps for Canvas LMS, all customised for the client's needs, to enhance existing Canvas features or add new functionalities to Canvas to help users integrate their existing processes and platforms. 

We have helped many clients in developing Canvas-integrated solutions, including a centralised reporting dashboard within Canvas that presents data from external applications, animated surveys, student monitoring, lockdown exams, and other apps.

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We follow an agile approach, first conducting a workshop with the client to get a pin on their pain points and understand their current process and functionalities within Canvas. Then, we discuss how our LTI App can provide a solution.

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After this, we provide the client with the wireframe to ensure that all components are clearly presented and the process understood.

​ Our iterative yet incremental approach with our clients allows us to receive continuous feedback as the product is being developed.

​ Finally, we carry out the handover and training process.

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