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Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process that assesses the skills you acquired through previous learning and experience to determine if you meet the requirements for a unit of competency. The outcome may allow for entry into a qualification or provide credit towards the qualification. Credit given will reduce the time required to achieve the qualification.

Using our RPL tools, we will help you to shorten the time it takes to undergo a course and allow you to become eligible for qualifications you may not otherwise be able to do.

RPL Assessment for Candidates

How we do it?

We partner with RTOs to do the following on their behalf:

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1. Initial Skills Assessment

We will provide the candidates with a self-assessment toolkit to help them select the units in which they have relevant skills and knowledge to apply for RPL. We will then contact the candidates to discuss the results of the self-assessment and guide them on how to achieve the chosen qualification. 

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2. Portfolio Evidence Submission

We help candidates to upload any evidence that supports their claimed skills. 
Example of evidence:
Resume, qualifications, supervisor report, non-formal training, in-formal training, video, job description, certificates and any other evidence as required.

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3. Evidence Check

Our assessors will go through a candidate portfolio of evidence and map against the units of competency. Our assessors will also determine the validity, sufficiency, authenticity and currency of the evidence submitted. 

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4. Professional Conversation and/or Practical Observation if Required

Our assessors will call the candidate to conduct a professional conversation or practical observation to check their skills if required.

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5. Letter of recommendations

We will advise the RTO on the results of the RPL assessment for them to either issue qualification or prepare a training plan for the candidate to complete the remaining unit(s). 

RPL Professional Development


We provide upskilling for assessors on RPL good practice assessment. This service is for our domestic and international clients, organisation-wide or individuals wanting to hone their competency-based assessment skills.

We provide workshops, webinars, one-to-one sessions and mentoring.

Our expertise in RPL assessment is derived from years of experience in the domestic and international market and postgraduate research on candidate experience.

Our focus is candidate experience within feasible business models. Compliance is the baseline.

RPL Toolkit Development

State of the art toolkit development fit for purpose and compliant with Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. 

For our international clients, we align toolkit development with any competency standards framework such as occupational standards, in-country qualification frameworks and regional standards such as ASEAN Competency Standards. Premium products include induction training for your staff to optimise implementation of the toolkit.  

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RPL Validation

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We audit and rectify your existing RPL toolkit and processes to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. Premium products include induction training for your staff to optimise implementation of the toolkit and an enhanced toolkit inclusive of tips and tricks! for our domestic clients.

RPL Strategy

Skills Leap Australia has helped many clients in the international market to strengthen RPL strategies and frameworks, informed by the Australian training system and ongoing research. Our RPL experts have evidence-based program and practice knowledge ready to be customised into your operational business models. As advocates for RPL as a social justice mechanism and labour market efficiency we take a solution-focused approach to optimise candidate experience and increased uptake of the RPL opportunity.

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