Skills Audit

Research shows skills audits provide benefits for employees and employers!

How do Skills Audits help develop my workforce?

53% of HR professionals say they do not have the skills data they need for transformation

Post Covid-19 recovery – know the skills in your organisation.

The path to recovery will be skills-led. The utilisation of your skills can only be effective if you know what you have! Do you know…

  • 80% of workers say they do not complete their HR system’s talent profiles

  • only 1 in 5 Australian workers had a sit-down with their manager to review their skills last year

  • employees say they frequently complete tasks outside their job description

  • 34% of LinkedIn users admit their profile contains lies about skills and experience

You may be unaware of the skills you already have within your organisation that can be used to leverage business opportunities.

For example, a client was amazed to discover one of his workers employed as a labourer was in fact a qualified engineer, with skills in exactly the area he needed for planned business development. This saved valuable recruitment costs and mobilisation time.

As underemployment increases, this is not an infrequent story. 

Identify skills gaps and target your training budget

Jobs change - with new technology, more rigorous compliance standards, new products and services, changing client needs and new ways of working. Have your employees been keeping up? Some do, some do not.


The shocking findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recommends minimum qualifications for workers. Employees build their skills ALL the time, in the flow of work and outside the flow of work. A Skills Audit will identify skills gaps and recognise existing skills; a valuable way to optimise your training budget.

53% of HR professionals say they do not have the skills data they need for transformation

42% of Australians workers say their employers have reduced upskilling and reskilling opportunities during the pandemic

Encourage reflective practice

Growth in the service industries has seen an increase in reflective practice. Skills Audits empower candidates to reflect on their practice at the same time honing their skills in self-awareness, learning agility and critical analysis. Done the right way, our Skills Audits build confidence for employees to take ownership of their professional development journey. As a plus, the quality of practice improves and your productivity increases!

Happy employees

Skills Audits improve employee wellbeing. Many Australian workers are anxious about job security.

  • 46% say insecurity about skills, impacts their mental health

  • 42% believe their employer is more likely to lay them off than to reskill or redeploy them

Employees who are recognised for their existing skills are more productive, happier in their work, less likely to leave, take fewer sick days and are more likely to engage in further learning.

I’m relevant, I’m valued and I have got the ability to continue to provide value for my organisation

Skills Audit